Honestly, I think you deserve to
take your life back.

Trauma therapy services for women like you, from a woman like you.
Serving Missouri & North Carolina through telehealth.

take your life back.

Therapy for
relationship anxiety
Chronic Stress
trouble sleeping
feeling disconnected
low motivation

Can't shake the feeling that life was supposed to be better than this?

Between sleepless nights and unenjoyable days, you know something’s wrong. You’ve tried yoga, green juices, and talking to friends - but you still feel like you can’t shake this feeling of emptiness.

Maybe you’re reliving something from the past or just unable to make peace with the present - either way,  

I'm here to help you figure out how to
move forward.

move forward.

Here's the thing:

I'm not here to rake the leaves. I'm here to                        

Instead of focusing on the surface-level stuff, I want to help you actually find the root cause of what's going on - so you can find true, sustainable healing.

dig up the roots.

Identify emotional patterns that keep you stuck in distress.

Access the root cause of issues through neuro- and talk-based therapies.

Feel more confident in your ability to navigate emotions and issues.

Identify personalized strategies for wellness to improve life outside of therapy.

I'm here to help you...

Not your average talk therapy.

I'm here to help you create more sustainable healing, by going deeper than talk therapy alone.

I use creative techniques like brainspotting to help you identify & release what's causing you pain.

You're in the                     if you...

You're in the
                              if you...

right place

are curious about brain-based therapy

want to get creative with your therapy treatment

Are ready to get unstuck and move forward with your life

right place

Therapy Investment

Let's talk about

I accept United Healthcare for residents of Missouri & North Carolina, and HSA/FSA cards for all sessions.

50-minute session | $145
90-minute Session | $165

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