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Does this sound like you?

"My relationships are complicated and I need help figuring things out"

"I'm ready to stop shutting down or blowing up"

"I'm ready to heal from childhood related trauma or family dysfunction"

 YOU DIDN'T COME THIS FAr to only come this far


I am a licensed professional counselor that specializes treating childhood related trauma in the states of Missouri and North Carolina. I'm not going to pretend I have ALL of the answers. No one does! But as your therapist, it's my job to make sure you have strategies and ways of thinking that not only supports you in healing from past trauma, but  gives you some clarity on how to move forward.

I am trained in several trauma therapies (IFS, Somatic Experiencing) and combine this experience with behavioral interventions and other creative methods to support women in thriving and moving on with their lives. I don't believe therapy needs to be heavy all of the time to be effective. I offer gentle, yet clear, approaches to support you in moving forward with your goals.

Hey, I'm Brandi

& I'm the peas to your carrots.

About Brandi

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How It Works


Book a consultation

During this call, I will ask you some therapy-related questions & provide information on how I work. We'll decide together if we're a match!


Fill out some paperwork

This helps give me context and insight to help shape your therapy. I will provide this to you at least 7 days before your first session. Don't worry, it's super painless!


Prep for the session

Session prep includes thinking about what you want to discuss, finding a comfy and secluded space, and preparing to spend an hour talking about yourself and what's going on.


Watch your life change

Therapy only works if you are applying what we discuss into your daily life. Insight is beautiful, but pointless without application. Prepare to work on assignments  and tasks outside therapy.


I've loved working with Brandi! She is kind, down-to-earth, but will certainly call you out. I needed a therapist that would guide me and not just sit there. Brandi does that!

- current CLIENT 

Brandi is truly a remarkable person and therapist. She is brilliant, creative, and challenges her clients in all the right ways.

Cheyenne Bauman, lpc 

Brandi helped me understand the origin of my issues. We worked together on healing from past trauma and having a life now where I don't feel I worry as much! She was hands down the best therapist I've worked with.

-Former client

Kind Words